Got a Story to Tell? Here's an Opportunity...

Empirical Thoughts
“The collective voices of contingent faculty”

Projected Publication date: March 15, 2019

Empirical Thoughts
is a new  journal created to feature  the literary works  of contingent faculty  to highlight through poetry, prose, fiction, and non-fiction their experiences, expertise, and plight.

Empirical Thoughts was born out of the lack of literature that reflects the experiences and working conditions of contingent faculty. This journal intends to create a forum for telling our stories and “truly” reflect the lived experiences of contingent faculty.

Editorial Focus of the Premiere Issue
 Tell Us Your Story! We are looking for stories of personal working experiences: How you manage your life, how you face your challenges, how you reach your goals, and what strategies and techniques you use for survival! You can write about what motivates you and what you have learned along the way. Writers can focus on the lives they have touched and or changed. We are looking to give readers a “real” glimpse into the lives of contingent faculty. Articles can also focus on pedagogy, curricula,  and skill development; research articles conducted as an individual or as a group; creative pieces in fiction, nonfiction, drama, prose, and poetry; and photography and art.

 Guidelines for poetry are flexible, with the exception of book-length works. We seek 500- to 5000-word articles. Submissions will be accepted through October 31, 2018. Please send submissions in  MLA formatting using 12-point, Times New Roman font:              

Editor-in-chief: Loretta A. Ragsdell 

Associate Editor: Beverly Stewart 
Content Editor: Judy Olson

For additional information:  Loretta A. Ragsdell